Warm Pet Winter Shoes
Warm Pet Winter Shoes
Warm Pet Winter Shoes

Warm Pet Winter Shoes

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Product Description:

Item Type: Pet Shoes

Material: PU!Polyester Cotton!Plush

Colour: Blue!Green

Feature: Waterproof

Target Audience: Dogs

Occasion: All Occasions

Season: Autumn!Winter


1. Comfort: the inner of the shoes adopts the cashmere to make! which does not hurt the skin of the foot and provides the best user experience for dogs to let them feel comfortable and be willing to wear the shoes.

2. Friendly: this product is the best choice for dogs with sensitive skin because it contains no harmful ingredients! is non-toxic and odourless and reduces the risk of skin diseases.

3. Safety: the rubber sole is anti-slip and waterproof which can provide stability and prevent from hurting and be suitable for all weathers and occasions! such as the hot asphalt! rocks! wet ground. In the cold days! the shoes also can keep the feet of dogs dry and warm and prevent them from being ill.

4. Hygiene: boots can keep their claws clean in rainy and snow days! and you can still walk your dogs to let them do more exercise in winter and do not need to clean the claws of dogs. The shoes can be washed easily! and it also can dry fast.

5. Durable: the boots have a long service life and are resistant to wear because of the exquisite craft and high-quality material! which is economic and practical.

6. Easy: the design of a magic sticker and largemouth can make the job of wearing shoes for your dogs easy and can save much time and efforts.

7. Firm: the adjustable design and zipper design can promise that dogs cannot take off the shoes by themselves easily.

8. More Choice: there are several sizes and two colours! and you can choose one or more according to the sizes of your dogs.

9. Appearance: the simple style and fleeced feel can decorate your dogs well and make them more attractive.

Package Include:

1 x pet shoes(4 pieces)